06/06/2016 08:03

Planet Rock Presents Documentary “B-movie: Lust and Sound in West-Berlin”

Fast-Paced Story and Testimony to Making of a Culture: Film “B-movie” in Planet Rock Section

Awarded at the Berlin Film Festival, this documentary about music, art, and chaos in the Wild West Berlin of the 1980s, is a fast-paced collage of stories and a testimony to the city bordered by the wall, which has become the creative melting pot of specific kinds of sub and pop culture, attracting both ingenious dilettantes and international celebrities such as Nick Cave.

The narrator and protagonist is Mark Reeder, the famous musician and record producer from Manchester, who influenced numerous artists dedicated to electronic and other contemporary music genres. Through his vivid narration, Reeder introduces us to the Berlin of the ‘80s, as we become witnesses to the making of a new and powerful culture, which cultivated the freedom of artistic expression.

As a boy, Reeder had his own punk band called The Frantic Elevators, where he played together with Mick Hucknall, who later became known as the lead singer of the band Simply Red. After moving to Berlin in 1978, he started working for the famous record label Factory Records, as their representative in West Germany. On behalf of Factory Records, he promoted a number of bands such as Joy Division and A Certain Ratio. Reeder also discovered DJ Paul van Dyk and shaped the careers of many famous musicians…

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