12/08/2013 12:17

Planet Rock: film programme and lifestyle

Planet Rock Selection

Exciting music films, great beat, adrenaline rush, and the world’s cultural and sub-cultural phenomena are just some of the topics addresses by the Cinema City’s Planet Rock selection. We now present you great achievements from the Planet Rock selection that will paint this summer in the most memorable way:

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

You know him from cult films such as Paris, Texas, Kelly's Heroes, Dillinger, Alien, Repo Man, Pretty In Pink, The Last Temptation of Christ, Wild at Heart, The Green Mile and The Pledge, as well as HBO’s Big Love. Harry Dean Stanton is surely one of the most interesting iconic actors associated with indie film.

It Might Get Loud

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, The Edge from legendary band U2 and Jack White from White Stripes. Incredible careers and talents of these three music superheroes are reason enough to see this documentary directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim.

Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story

With their independence and authenticity in the world of techno sound and post-punk imitations, the band Morphine was a true rarity of the 90’s. More than a decade has passed since the death of Mark Sandman, but the music of Morphine and influence of this artist have grown into almost mythical proportions.


Bob Marley is a universal phenomenon. His influence on the history of music and the role he had as a social and political prophet is unique and unrepeatable. “Marley” is the definitive story about the life of this musician, revolutionary and legend. It follows Marley on his path to becoming an international superstar.

Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer

A documentary about a controversial feminist shock-art collective Pussy Riot.


"Reincarnated" documents the life of Calvin Broadus Jr. from his days as a young hustler in Long Beach to his success into becoming an international music icon Snoop Dog – through the ups and downs, including the loss of his closest friends Tupac and Nate Dogg. Snoop’s life has always attracted controversy, but never as much as after he decided to reinvent himself as Snoop Lion.

The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think

At the iconic Fuji Rock festival in Japan, the Chemicals performed in front of 50,000 fans, which was captured on 21 cameras. Immersing us in the thick of a frenetic crowd, “Don’t Think” captures the synaesthetic barrage of sound, film and light, and the transforming effect it has on its audience. While listening to the lineup of this iconic electronic duo from the UK, at times you will feel as if you are at their concert.


The Cinema City festival and Planet Rock selection present Rudi Uran’s film about Vlada Divljan, one of the most important music icons in the region.


From the band’s home studio in Oakland, California, to various intimate performances in New York, Austin, Newport Beach and Los Angeles, the film chronicles the band’s year and a half long journey writing and recording their trilogy ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre´!. In short, it is an insight into the band Green Day which you would have never expected – a MUST SEE.

Doin' It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC

In New York street basket is not only a sport. It is a way of life. There are over 700 outdoor courts and approximately 50,000 players, the most loyal of which approach the game as a religion, and the playground as their church. "Doin' It in the Park" uncovers this movement through the voices of playground legends, NBA athletes, and most importantly, common men and women who enjoy the raw energy of the game at their local outdoor courts.

Silicone Spring

Directed by Vanja Hovan, “Silicone Spring” is a film about Novi Sad skateboarders, both younger and older generations of this adrenaline sub-culture.