19/05/2010 11:47

Pedja’s Film Collection: The Apartment

Within Pedja’s Collection we’ll have the opportunity to see The Apartment, one of the most significant film achievements of the 20th century directed by famos director, screenwriter and producer, Billy Wilder. This black humor drama achieved great success and Billy Wilder alone received three Oscars for best film, best director and best writing. “The Apartment” is the beginning of a long-lasting successful cooperation between I.A.L. Diamond and famous actor Jack Lemmon. This charismatic and unforgettable actor starred in seven films directed by Billy Wilder.

Jack Lemmon plays a role of an office lackey who tries to secure his job position by doing favors for his superiors, namely renting his flat to them so that they coul meet their lovers in secret. This arrangement brings him into many tragicomic situations. He also discovers that the girl he’s in love with (played by already famous Shirley MacLaine) is among those who frequent his apartment. When her lover abandons her, she stays at the apartment and acting recklessly brings new adventures into his already complicated life.

Wilder started his fruitful career as a screenwriter. His Jewish ancestry told him he wouldn’t be able to succeed in Austria or Nazi Germany, which made him move a lot in his youth until finally he reached America. Although he couldn’t speak English at first, he was a fast learner and soon begins working on scripts for American films. His prolific career includes “Ninotchka” with Hollywood diva Greta Garbo, “Double Indemnity” from 1944, Oscar winning “The Lost Weekend” from 1945 and “Sunset Blvd.” from 1950. One of his most famous achievements is a comedy “Some Like It Hot” starring Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and immortal Marilyn Monroe. During his life he received six Oscars and numerous other prestigious film recognitions. In 1986 he received a Life Achievement Award from American Film Institute which included even four of his accomplishments into top 100 best American film achievements of the 20th century, and these are “Sunset Blvd.”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Double Indemnity” and “The Apartment”.