28/04/2008 10:54

Patti Smith: Dream of Life in Planet Rock

SAD, 2007, 109 min
: Steven Sebring
Cast: Patti Smith, Jay Dee Daugherty, Flea, Philip Glass, Lenny Kay, Sam Shepard, Benjamin Smoke, Tom Verlaine
Awards: for art direction - Sundance Festival 2008, nomination for Grand Jury Prize – Sundance Festival 2008.
Selection: Planet Rock – music film selection

Planet Rock, the music film selection of Cinema City Festival enriched its content with a Steven Sebring movie, called Patti Smith: Dream of Life. The movie is an unusual artistic work whose production lasted for more than a decade.

Steven Sebring, a professional photographer, went to his first Patti Smith concert eleven years ago. This rock star managed to impress him with her performance and unusually strong charisma. Not long after, their cooperation began. Patti Smith accepted a Sebring’s offer to photograph her and to make a documentary about her life.

The beginning of this project seemed quite experimental, bearing in mind that before that Sebring did not have any professional experience in making movies. The positive outcome of his work became apparent after a longer period when the unusual documentary became an intimate biography of Patti Smith, including even her comments on the material.

The motto that led Steven Sebring through the eleven-year work was the idea that human personality is not one-sided and that music gives much more than an audio pleasure. He believed in himself and the fact that he was not just a photographer. In the same way he let his artistic sensibility to see much more than meets the eye in Patti Smith, much more than a status of a rock star. She is a poet, an artist, a rock star, a mother, a fighter that went through many tragedies. Dream of Life exceeds superficial status limitations, gradually revealing who Patti Smith is and what she can be.

The movie was shown in Berlinale Festival 2008, within Panorama Press selection. Patti Smith: Dream of Life got an award for art direction in Sundance Festival, and it was nominated for Grand Jury Prize.