02/04/2015 09:20

Open Call for Up to 10,000 Bucks Programme at the Cinema City Festival

The Cinema City festival, which will be held in June in Novi Sad, calls filmmakers from all across the globe to apply for the Up to 10 000 bucks selection. This is a competition programme, and its only requirement is that the films were released in 2014 or 2015 with a budget of up to USD 10,000. There are no restrictions as to the length, type and genre of the film. The call for entries will be open until April 21, and anyone wishing to apply can do so by filling out the form at the website of the festival: www.cinemacity.org/upto10000/form2015.php.

Up to 10,000 Bucks is one of the favorite programmes of our audience. This selection has been the part of the Cinema City festival since its inception. Documentaries, animated films, feature films, experimental films, different countries, cultures, and styles make this selection a highly dynamic undertaking, with one common denominator being the creative daring that comes to the fore in low-budget films.

Cinema City created this selection with an aim to promote and support low-budget film. In order to gather a crew, procure equipment, and shoot a film with scarcely any financial means, one must demonstrate courage and creativity that might be greater than that needed for a big-budget film. This is why these films need to be promoted and awarded. Cinema City audience is the one who knows and recognizes the quality of these films, which is why the screenings of this selection are always packed.

Cinema City is an international film festival held annually in Novi Sad. Owing to Cinema City, Novi Sad transforms into an exuberant and creative festival city that offers magnificent film and music programmes, and a special programme intended for film professionals. The festival presents its audience with over one hundred domestic and foreign production films of different genres. To top it all, music events and performances of notable bands and DJs are an inseparable part of Cinema City. The festival focuses on the support, promotion, and professional development of young film authors and future film professionals.