10/08/2017 05:12

One Iconic Artist about Another – a Jim Jarmusch Movie about Iggy and The Stooges in the Planet Rock Section

As part of the Planet Rock Programme at this year's Cinema City International Film Festival, within the Gradić Fest, the audience will have an opportunity to see a story of Iggy and his band “The Stooges” which rocked the boat by mixing up Rock with bits of Blues, R&B and Jazz, first in Michigan and Detroit, and later on all around the world.

The film “Gimme Danger” has brought together two of the world’s most iconic artists – Jim Jarmusch, who directed this documentary, and Iggy Pop, a man whose music is said to have laid the foundations of Punk and Alternative Rock.

Judging by this picture, Jim Jarmusch seems to be a huge fan of Iggy and the Stooges, whose work undoubtedly left an essential mark on the music scene of the late 1960s.