Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad is a city with an urban story, remarkable cultural tradition and a place where many cultural projects and manifestations came into being. A dynamic and young city, it grows ambitiously towards high European standards while creating new cultural symbols. The liveliness of the city greatly depends on numerous festival manifestations that take place over the year and attract tourists from the region and the world.

Through its volume, ambitions and popularity, certainly the most important is EXIT music festival, a cultural and social project that, for this region, marked a turning point in understanding the culture of festival and became one of the most significant music festivals in the region and beyond. During EXIT, Novi Sad becomes an ambassador for all nations, the most diverse cultures and mentalities and, above all, excellent musical sounds and unforgettable fun, which makes you long for next EXIT, immediately after the previous one is over. 

Novi Sad is also a city of INFANT, International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre, which gathers artists from all over the world around entirely new conceptions of theatrical art. During September, city becomes a host for street musicians from around the world who make up a festival which gives this city an air of carnival and passion. Our city also holds International literary festival, a famous children’s festival called “Zmajeve dečje igre“, a prominent Sterija’s Theatrical Festival, Novi Sad Jazz Festival, International Comic Festival and many others. The sheer number of these various festivals portrays Novi Sad as a vivacious and urban cultural network, ready to accept and connect people from most distant parts of the world. 

With a motto “The whole city is a cinema”, Cinema City International Festival gave a whole new dimension to the city, turning it into a huge arena of quality films, musical happenings and creative encounters. During nine days of festival events in 2009 more than 70 000 visitors attended. On that occasion, a notable American director Sebastian Doggart said: This city is enchanting, I’ve never been here before and I think that, by playing films, this festival does a great deal to animate the city and culture. I’ve much more enjoyed this festival than Cannes, because here the true creators of films arrive, whose lives are governed by films. Money is not that important, but a film is.

In city’s regular cultural offer are numerous museums, interesting gallery exhibits as well as repertoires of Serbian National Theatre,Theatre of the Young and Novi Sad theatre, while a great number of young and creative people and organizations work daily to contrive cultural and entertainment programs, through organizing numerous creative debates and events in local clubs.

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