13/05/2009 02:48


Turkey, 2009, 94 min.
Director: Atalay Taşdiken
Cast:: Mustafa Uzunyilmaz, Mehmet Usta, Mete Dönmezer, Elif Bülbül, Mehmet Bülbül
Selection – TRIBUTE: Contemporary Turkish Cinema

The Bogeyman (Mommo), a début film by Atalay Taşdiken will be presented at Film and Media Festival Cinema City as a part of TRIBUTE: Contemporary Turkish Cinema selection. In this nicely produced drama, the director shows the fears and hopes of his little heroes.

Ayşe and Ahmet live in their grandfather Hasan's house. After their mother's death, their father remarried but his new wife didn't want the children to live with them.

Their father didn't care much for them, so the children were left with their incapable grandfather. Ahmet is very angry with his father and he tries to protect his sister. After a while, a chance is given to the two gentle child souls. Their aunt Fatma lives in Germany and wishes the children to live with her. Things get complicated when they find out that because of necessary paperwork, leaving to Germany will be possible in two years...