27/05/2016 06:38

Modern Story Loaded up with Love and Emotion: Burn Burn Burn in the 360° Selection

360° Selection Presents Black Comedy Burn Burn Burn

The 360° program presents the best debut and follow-up films from around the world, which captured the hearts of the audience at major film festivals. The impeccable program line-up was selected by Petar Protić, and this year's selection will be opened by the splendid British achievement Burn Burn Burn, directed by Chanya Button.

The film Burn Burn Burn is a “black road trip comedy about two girlfriends who hit the road to honor the last will and testament of their deceased friend by scattering his ashes in scenic sites around the UK, while concurrently confronting a backlog of problems from the past and some important and pressing dilemmas of the present moment. A truly modern story full of love and emotion”, says the selector Protić.

Premiered at the BFI London Festival and also screened at the International Film Festival in Seattle, Burn Burn Burn is a moving black comedy, which introduces us to Alex and Seph at the moment of their friend’s death, as they learn about his final wishes from a series of videos with detailed instructions. His last will involves a journey all over the Great Britain - London, Stonehenge, Cardiff, York, Ben Lomond - a road trip anticipated!

Additionally, Alex and Seph, have to deal with a number of life decisions - but this time without the support of their best friend. Dark but awfully emotional comedy, Burn Burn Burn reminds us of the Kerouac’s novel On the Road. In a Volvo. A bizarre and emotional adventure. With the ashes of the dead friend packed in a plastic box, and tucked in the glove compartment.

One of the lead roles is played by the star of the award-winning TV series Downton Abbey Laura Carmichael, and the film was directed by the talented Chanya Button. Chanya embarked on her directing career at an early age – she has worked in the Warner Brothers Creative Department in Los Angeles, for the UK Film Council (now BFI) Film Fund, as an Assistant Director for the Bush Theatre and the Tricycle Theatre, in Development for the British production company Heyday Films, as well as on the Harry Potter franchise, and other feature films such as Sherlock Holmes and Edge of Tomorrow.

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