29/04/2008 05:26

Milky Way in New Latino Film Selection

Brazil, 2007, 88 min
Direction: Lina Chamie
Cast: Marco Ricca, Alice Braga, Fernando Alves Pinto
Awards: - Cine en Construcción, “Casa de América” Prize, San Sebastián, Spain 2006;
- 1o “Taller de Desarollo de Proyectos Cinematográficos Iberoamericanos”, Casa de America–Fundación Carolina, Madrid, Spain, 2003
- the jury special award, Cero Latitud, Festival de Cine de Quito, Ekvador 2007;
- the best movie in IV Festival de Cinema Hispano Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2007;
- the best film cinematography in IV Festival de Cinema Hispano Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2007;
- the best film editing, FestCine Goiânia, Brazil 2007
- the best film sound, FestCine Goiânia, Brazil 2007
- the best author movie, II Itamaraty Award, IX FIC Brasília, Brazil 2007
Selection: New Latino Film

Milky Way, directed by Lina Chamie, a movie that got numerous awards, is going to be shown in Cinema City Festival within New Latino Film Selection. The world premiere was in Canes Film Festival 2007.

The storyline shows a love couple in a serious quarrel that beaks out during a telephone conversation. After the quite unpleasant conversation, furious Heitor decides to go to his girlfriend Julia to finally finish the quarrel.

In that very moment, Heitor’s “love odyssey” begins - a long way to Julia is to be taken. A metropolis stands between her and him – an urban maze made of jammed streets of Sao Paolo. Heitor leads us through those magic obstacles of modern civilization, where the urban space of Sao Paolo is shown in a semi-documentary style, sometimes mitigated with pure fiction.

Milky Way creates quite an unusual perspective in showing a love relationship between two young people, choosing a social and cultural context of the metropolis for its basis.

Lina Chamie, the movie director, has graduated and got a master’s degree at State University of New York. As a student, she gained a ten-year experience working in the film department. After returning to Brazil in 1994, she made numerous videos and she got a prize for a short movie I Know That You Know. With her first author movie Tonic Dominant, she managed to win many awards, including Kodak Vision Award, in Los Angeles and Prize of APCA for the best photography in 2001.

Her second author movie is Milky Way which she also managed to win numerous awards with, including Casa de America in Cine en Construccion 2006, San Sebastian, Spain.