13/06/2012 05:32

Metallica, Prodigy, Iggy and Sonja on screen at Cinema City festival!

MTV presents Burn Planet Rock selection at Cinema City festival once again brings attractive music films and accomplishments dedicated to urban icons and international artistic and cultural phenomena. Through energetic rhythm and unique story, these films will present the audience some of the most famous artists of today in a completely different way. MTW presents Burn Planet Rock will screen The Prodigy, Search and Destroy: Iggy & The Stooges' Raw Power, The Artist is Present, a story of Marina Abramovič, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, and many others.

MTV presents Burn Planet Rock will take you to an event of epic proportion – Warrior’s Dance Festival – through performance of the incredible band The Prodigy. By way of big screen we will find out what does the Festival of a cult English electro-dance band look like, and feel the energy of musical spectacle that awaits us in Belgrade, in September!

Search and Destroy: Iggy & The Stooges' Raw Power is a music documentary that will present us the legendary body and charisma, as well as ups and downs of The Stooges, seen through the angle of director Morgan Neville.

Matthew Aker’s The Artist is Present is a story of the peerless performance artist, Marina Abramović. The film speaks of performances that surpassed the poetics and presented an incredible power of contemporary art in the most significant museums across the world. If you want to know just how strong and indelible imprint on our culture and film art was left by the urban icon and cult actress Sonja Savić, go and see Dragana Kanjevac’s Sonja.

MTW presents Burn Planet Rock will also present Metallica: Some Kind of Monster dedicated to the famous heavy metal band, Brian Eno: Another Green World speaks of a renowned producer, Brian Eno, a pioneer of a new experimental sound, Croatian-Serbian co-production Crossovers: Film & Music, signed by several authors, documentary Paul Kalkbrenner: A Live Documentary on Berlin techno star and Kalkbrenner’s excellent performances in the biggest European arenas.