05/07/2015 11:55

Mega party at the closing of Cinema City

Sunday, July 5, Planet Rock Music Stage – free entrance

We hereby invite you to the mega party at the closing of the 8th Cinema City festival. We’ve had an amazing festival, owing to great film and music programmes, new festival locations in China Town and Limanski Park, which brought a delightful ambience to the festival, but most of all, our faithful audience who are true film and music aficionados. Join us at the closing of the festival, and stay for a merry party prepared for you by Vis limunada and VKSHN.

We remind you that the entrance to Planet Rock Music Stage & Open Air Cinema, will be free on Sunday, July 5. At 22h, we will screen a great music documentary about one of the best bands ever – U2: From the Sky Down. Davis Guggenheim’s film documents the difficult period of recording Achtung Baby in 1991, relationships between the band members, and the creative process. Guggenheim spent several months in 2011 developing the documentary. The band were filmed during a return visit to Hansa Studios in Berlin where parts of the album were recorded, and during rehearsals in Winnipeg for the Glastonbury Festival 2011. The film contains unreleased scenes from the group's 1988 motion picture “Rattle and Hum”, along with archival footage and stills from the Achtung Baby recording sessions.

Our party will start at midnight. VIS Limunada will liven the mood and bring to China Town the atmosphere of European festivals and boardwalks from late 1950s and early 1960s. The band’s message to you is: “We hope to transform our performance into an elegant and exciting dance party. VIS Limunada will take you to a little music adventure through space and time, with elegant festival numbers, gentle chansons, and exciting rock and beat rhythms.”

After Vis limunada, the party will continue with VKSHN tiphunVSwriter. This charismatic DJ from Novi Sad will shake you up with jazz, funky, indie dance and deep house. VKSHN has a moto that fun is where everything starts, so expect a myriad of sounds that beckon you to dance.

The unforgettable festival days are behind us. Please, join us in celebrating them in the best way possible; with film and music!
We’ll be again in China Town in 2016!
Your #CinemaCity