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Marina Abramović: The Artist is present

Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Year: 2011
Duration: 50 min

Director: Matthew Akers

Cast: Marina Abramovic, Ulay

Programme selection: MTV presents: Burn Planet Rock

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Seductive, fearless, and outrageous, Marina Abramović has been redefining what art is for nearly 40 years. Using her own body as a vehicle, pushing herself beyond her limits – and at times risking her life in the process – she creates performances that challenge, shock, and move us. MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ THE ARTIST IS PRESENT follows the artist as she prepares for what may be the most important moment of her life: a major new retrospective of her work, taking place at The Museum of Modern Art. To be given a retrospective at one of the world's premier museums is the most exhilarating sort of milestone. For Marina, it is far more: it is the chance to finally silence the question she has been hearing over and over again for four decades: “But why is this art?”


Matthew Akers is an accomplished producer, director, photographer and cinematographer known for his expertise in shooting cinéma vérité. He was the producer and a lead cinematographer on the six-part PBS television event “Circus,” and was a producer and camera operator on “Carrier,” a ten-part Emmy® Award-winning PBS television series (2008). He was also a producer and camera operator on “Nimrod Nation,” an eight-part Peabody Award-winning documentary series. Akers also worked as a cinematographer on numerous films, including the HBO documentaries “Back In The Hood: Gang War II,” “Heir To An Execution” and “Elaine Stritch: At Liberty.”


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