Archive Cinema City 2013.

Marble Ass

Country: Yugoslavia
Year: 1995
Duration: 87 min

Director: Zelimir Zilnik
Scenario: Zelimir Zilnik

Cast: Vjeran Miladinovic, Nenad Milenkovic, Nenad Rackovic, Lidija Stevanovic, Miljan Vojnovic, Suzana Zlatkovic (Luna Lu), Miodrag Susa, Gordan Zabaljac

Programme selection: Respect to Zelimir Zilnik


Merlyn has been pacifying the Balkans, turning tricks with countless Serbian guys. Merlyn is a lighting rod sheltering Belgrade, calming violent nighthawks, swanky big spenders, miserable loners and horny young studs, taking on the charge that would otherwise befall little girls, unprotected mothers and helpless old women. Combined with guns, this unbridled energy would eventually lead to bloodshed. Merlyn cools the boiling blood of violent Dinarides and enriches it with love. Johnny comes home to Belgrade, from the war. His motives are apparently similar, he also wants to cool the boiling blood, but he does it by letting it through the holes in the human body, which he makes with bullets or knives. This film is a treatise on the different methods of resolving conflicts, resorted to by Merlyn and Johnny.

Zelimir Zilnik (born 1942, based in Novi Sad, Serbia)

From the late 60s, his socially engaged films and documentaries in former Yugoslavia earned him critical accolades but also censorship in the 70s for his unflinching criticism of the government apparatus.

Low budget filmmaking and challenging political themes mark Zilnik’s prolific career that includes over 50 feature and documentary films and shorts.