21/06/2011 15:50

Love for art film endures – as seen at screenings of Tarr and Bartas

Yesterday’s screenings of Bartas’ “The Corridor” and Tarr’s “The Prefab People” were one of the most visited on the third day of the Festival.

This year Bartas is the chairman of the jury for the National Class selection. Visitors had an opportunity to greet this marvelous film artist on Sunday, June 19. Together with selector of the Festival, Tiziana Finzi, he opened Hommage to Foreign Author - Šarūnas Bartas selection, Cinema City’s way of honoring this great director.

Great attendance accompanied yesterday’s screening of “The Corridor”. “All my works are important to me, but I choose “The Corridor” – the reasons, like everything that has to do with love, are subjective” – he said in an interview during the recent retrospective of Lithuanian Film.

His highly artistic films deal with the loss of communication, apparent nonexistence of love, loss of substance. Since communication is deemed pointless, his film characters barely even communicate. Conversation is limited to banal everyday phrases. They try to leave the past behind them, overcome the horrors of the present and reach the future which might not even exist.

Today, starting at 18h at hall 1 of Arena Cineplex, you can see Bartas’ creation called “Few of Us”. Same time and place tomorrow, June 22, you can see his remarkable accomplishment “The House”, on June 23," Seven Invisible Men” and June 24 “Eastern Drift”.

Those of you who love the specific and original film aesthetics of famous Hungarian film artist, Béla Tarr, will have a chance to see “Almanac of Fall”. Tomorrow at 22:30h is the screening of “Damnation”, a film which speaks of the universal battle between barbarism and civilization, and on Friday, starting at 20h, you will get to see his latest feature “The Turin Horse”. The last day of the Festival is reserved for “Prologue” and “Werckmeister Harmonies”.