04/06/2008 03:20

Les Revenants (They Came Back) - The Best of Horror

France, 2004, 102 min
: Robin Campillo
Cast: Geraldine Pailhas, Jonathan Zaccai, Frederic Pierrot, Catherine Samie
Awards: 4 nominations: International Fantasy Film Award, Fantasport, 2005, Best film, Mar del Plata, 2005, Best film, Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival, 2004, Golden Alexander, Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2004.
Selection: The Best of Horror

Visitors of the festival have a chance to see very intelligently conceived horror by French director Robin Campillo, called Les Revenants (They Came Back). This untypical story about zombies was made in 2004. It shows animation of the dead that wake from the local cemetery of a small French town, with the intention to return where they used to live.

Processions of the ones dressed in light, summer clothes, with steady moves and expressions, enter the town. While they are marching to the town in lines, they look like refugees that abandoned their homes because of a terrible disaster. The town bureaucracy tries to apply the practice that is done in such situations, to list and file them. However, how possible is that? The situation is definitely not the same. Are they to return to their old jobs? How to treat them? While the mortals are trying to solve this sudden and bizarre problem, the undead are trying to reestablish close relationships with their closest ones, and during night, they attend their own, secret doings. What is left is to solve the greatest mystery of the movie – why have “they” returned in the first place?

In contrast to other horror movies, where the (un)dead usually appear with intention to harm the living, in They Came Back, hypnotically calm mass of the undead is only trying to reintegrate in the society they once left for ever. The movie was shown in several festivals, and it had three nominations for the best movie, as well as a nomination for Golden Alexander in Thessalonica Film Festival.