22/06/2011 15:30

Katolicka porta – tonite: “Above Us Only Sky”

360°, selector Petar Protic

On the first official day of summer spend an hour and a half with Jan Schomburg’s debut feature “Above Us Only Sky”, which was screened and awarded at this year’s Berlinale. After the 21:15h screening, visitors will have a chance to participate in Q&A with director Schomburg.

Sandra Hüller and Georg Friedrich played perfectly to Schomburg’s tune, who skillfully entered the mind and heart of a woman desperately trying to put together the pieces of her life.

It is a very modern, intimate story, directed through vivid and dynamic close-ups, twice repeating just one sentence, thus succeeding to apostrophize “Can’t the sky above this country, meaning Germany, be more beautiful? Sunnier?” and giving it a universal character. Is there anything more valuable in artistic expression than that – universality followed by interpretation. That is enough, but to be enough it must be told in a precise and meticulous way, to be both filmic and poetic. – commented Petar Protic, selector for 360°, after seeing the film at Berlinale.

A chance to talk to Schomburg visitors will have tomorrow, within the Cinema City academic programme, CineYouth, beginning at 15h, at The End café.