02/04/2010 03:24

Juliette Lewis opens this year’s Cinema City

Famous Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis will open this year’s Cinema City Film and Media festival on June 5th. Juliet will officially open festival’s film programme, and will also perform with her band „New Romantics” that same evening at the music opening of the festival at Petrovaradin Fortress. The actress will be main international guest of the festival and audience will have an opportunity to see some of her cult classics and also to participate in an open press conference at the festival and to talk to her. Besides that, Juliet will also deliver master-class for students and young film artists.

Juliet Lewis, one of the most talented Hollywood actresses of her generation, is regarded as someone who can carry the most diverse of rolls. She enchanted audience and critics alike with her first major film role, Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear for which she received Oscar nomination in 1991. During her prolific career, she worked with some of the most respected directors of our times, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Garry Marshall.

During nineties, Juliet starred in several, now considered legendary, films and introduced her powerful acting talent to the world. The wide variety of rolls, from gripping dramas to comedies, shows us the sheer range of her acting talent and original and enchanting acting style.

A role of Danielle Bowden in Martin Scorsese’s „Cape Fear” brought her Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for best supporting actress, where gripping scenes with Robert De Niro became film classics. With Woody Allen she did „Husbands and Wives” in 1992, followed by „That Night” and „California” where she starred along Brad Pitt. 

Certainly, the most memorable rolls were in „What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” where she starred with Johnny Depp and Leonardno DiCaprio and in Oliver Stone’s controversial film „Natural Born Killers”, where she and Woody Harrelson play serial killers who become glorified by the mass media.

What follows are „Strange Days” by Kathryn Bigelow with Ralph Fiennes and, now famous „From Dusk Till Dawn”, screenplay by Quentin Tarantino, where she partnered with George Clooney. Her last film „Sympathy for Delicious” has premiered at this year's Sundance festival.

Along with successful film career, Juliette Lewis always nurtured great love for music. In the past few years she actively performed with her, now former, band „Juliette and the Licks”, who left a legacy of four studio albums. Our audience had an opportunity to see and hear this energetic band at Exit festival in 2008. Although many criticised her for neglecting her acting career because of her music, she said:

”I enjoy making movies, I love dramas, but that’s not the only food for my soul. It is made out of music, drama and live gigs and now I have the feeling I’m doing all that I have to be doing and what I was born to do”. Festival audience will have an opportunity to meet this great artist, both as an actrees and as a musician.