08/05/2008 17:20

JULIEN TEMPLE in Planet Rock Selection


The Filth and the Fury directed by Julien Temple is a documentary saga about a band called Sex Pistols. The original footage and series of rare interviews represent the band that symbolizes punk rock although it lasted less than two years.

They draw the attention of wide public, shocked the royal family and the whole British establishment with their songs and behaviour, and they were prominent in the media, most often because of their regular scandals.

Sex Pistols published only one album and broke up during an American tour. They will be remembered as the only band that played as a support to a workers’ strike in the moment when their album and single were at number one of the British Discography List.

“Through this story from the seventies you are going to see the beginnings of both pop and fashion iconography of the following two decades”, said the famous film critic Roger Ebert. Sex Pistols had a short tour in 1996, and gathered again in 2007, and they are going to perform on this year’s EXIT festival.

From the same director, Cinema City Festival is going to show Glastonbury, a documentary about one of the most popular world music festivals. The movie also contains private footage that the director collected from the visitors, and David Bowie, Björk, James Brown, Morrissey, Nick Cave and others appear thorough interviews and performances.