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Jelena, Katarina, Marija

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia
Year: 2011
Duration: 95 min

Director: Nikita Milivojević
Scenario: Dušan Miklja, Nikita Milivojević

Cast: Joy Bellis, Tracy Friedman, Michael Donovan, Casey Johnson, Pierre Luca Arancio, Max Weil, Zoe Weil, Mate Ugrin, Masha Pruss, Marina Maria Disanza, Dianna Smith, Andrew Flihan, Raquel Almazan, Juan Pablo Yepez, Dominic Marcus, Mickey Carpenter, L. Jay Meyer, Jelena Stupljanin, Milica Zarić, Borka Tomović

Programme selection: National Class



During the wars in the last decade of the 20th century, more than half a million young, educated people moved out of Serbia. Today, Serbia is among the five countries with the oldest population in the world, with a much higher rate of deaths than births.

Three young women from Belgrade, Jelena, Katarina and Marija, meet by accident in New York City. Each has her reasons for leaving Belgrade: Katarina left in the mid 90s in search of a better life, Jelena fled the bombing in the late 90s...Marija's boyfriend, whom she was going to marry, was killed in the war, prompting her to leave the country for good.

In search of a better life, immersed in a different reality, one they could have never imagined, with lost illusions, fears and hopes, they search for their own place in the world, but cannot find it. Their departure did not solve the problems which caused them to leave, but has, in a way, magnified them. Thus, one of them returns to Belgrade to give birth to a child there.

Jelena, Marija and Katarina, three names in place of many others, like a metaphor for a much wider, global story of the millions of expatriates today.


Nikita Milivojević is one of the leadest serbian directors today. The engagement of his performances marked the 90`s in our theatre and with his new and daring reading of classics he placed it into the new century. (Jovan Ćirilov)

Work experience

2010. Ivo Andrić '' The Bridge on the Drina'' , Theater '' Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus – Dusseldorf / Germany, 2009. ''Winter gardens '' – coproduction : Biennale di Venezia / ITALY, Berliner Festpiele / GERMANY, 2007. Riks Theatre STOCKHOLM – Sweden Nourished Fruit , (based on a story by August Strindberg), 2006. ECCD (European Culure Centre Delphi), DELPHI /Greece, My Homeland – seven dreams, (folloving motives from the Theban cycle), 2006. National Theatre ISTANBUL – The three sisters, A.P.Čehov
2005. chief manager of BITEF Festival i BITEF Theatre, Belgrade, 1996 - 2004. full proffesor of directing and acting, Art Academy in Belgrade


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