08/06/2010 12:18

International premiere of “Knot”

Yesterday evening Up to 10.000 bucks selection screened three films. Amongst those, audience had a chance to attend the international premiere of “Knot” by Turkish director Uygar Asan. This is Asan’s second film at Cinema City festival, with last year’s screening of “Shell” within Respect to Turkey programme selection.

Director Asan expressed regret for not being able to come to Novi Sad this year since he’s currently engaged on a new project, but he sends his warm regards to the visitors of Cinema City.

All three projections had a great attendance, which only proves the extent of interest our audience shows for films which manage to creatively overcome budget limitations. Today Up to 10.000 buck selection screens Louise Botkay Courcier’s “Useless Landscape”, Zoran Tairovic’s “Little Red Riding Hood” and Dante Komljen’s “I already am everything I want to have” which received third award at Cannes Film Festival, within Cinefondation programme. Film authors are all guests of Cinema City Festival and after the screening the audience will have a chance to participate in Q&A with the directors. Screenings are being held at Youth Theatre’s Small Hall beginning at 21:00h.