13/06/2012 16:17

In focus Hungarian film as chosen by Béla Tarr

This year we have asked the celebrated Hungarian director Béla Tarr to evoke the beauty and power of the Hungarian cinema by using film images. The idea of an original choice of films from Focus: Hungary came from the Cinema Contact project that Cinema City realized in co-operation with the University of Szeged – Department of Literary Theory and Visual Culture, within Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme co-financed by the EU.

We will introduce domestic audience to a quality Hungarian production. Among ten extraordinary accomplishments that have been chosen by Tarr are: American Torso by Gábor Bódy, one of the most significant film icons in the history of the Hungarian cinema and the pioneer of experimental film expression, The Man from London – a mystery drama in which one of the lead roles is played by the renowned Tilda Swinton, The Round-Up, a cult classic directed by Miklós Jancsó, Hungary 2011, made by a group of authors, which speaks in an original way of the state of the world cinema and art in the neighbouring Hungary, Johanna by Kornél Mundruczó, an unusual film and musical interpretation of The Passion of Joan of Arc. Furthermore, the audience will be able to see the awarded cult classics such as Fragment, Tarr’s The Turin Horse and Prologue, famous György Fehér’s Passion and Putyi Horváth’s Death Rode out of Persia.