Archive Cinema City 2016.

I'd Rather Not Say

Prefiro nao dizer

Genre: Fiction
Country: Portugal
Year: 2015
Duration: 11'

Director: Pedro Augusto Almeida
Scenario: Pedro Augusto Almeida

Cast: Tânia Figueiras Ribeiro, António Afonso Parra, Gisela Borges, Miguel Borges

Programme selection: Up to 10,000 Bucks

Budget: $3000


The day begins with an exchange of favours. Routine fragments of those who live in an isolated space which labels and conditions life choices.


Pedro Augusto Almeida is a director and short-film producer. In 2013 completes a degree in documentary film. Currently attends the first year of a master's degree in Art Studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto.