30/08/2017 09:05

“Holy Air” and “Adriana’s Pact” Screenings Rescheduled and Relocated

Due to technical reasons, two films will be rescheduled for a different time slot and moved to another location than initially planned. These are the cinematic achievements from the 360° section “Holy Air”, which will be screened at the Kapija Open Air Cinema on Saturday, September 2, at 23:45, and “Adriana’s Pact”, which you can see at the Nazorova Open Air Cinema on Sunday, September 3, starting at 20:30.

The Israeli comedy “Holy Air”, directed by Shady Srour, brings a humorous story of Adam and Lamia, a Christian-Arab couple from Nazareth belonging to a minority group in the Holy Land.
When Lamia gets pregnant, Adam decides it is high time he did something big to secure his family’s future, and goes into the most lucrative local business – religion. And so he starts selling... the Holy Air!

Lissette Orozco's directorial debut “Adriana’s Pact” is the only documentary featured in the 360° category at this year's Cinema City International Film Festival. The film talks about the phenomenon of recollecting the dreadful times under the military dictatorship of the 1970s and 1980s. This phenomenon has remained a taboo, but there is a growing tendency among the people who belong to a younger generation to reveal the truth about those still missing, about persecutions and political killings.

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See you on the streets of Gradić between September 1 and 3! :)