24/08/2017 08:40

Grand Opening of the Festival: Awards for Outstanding Contribution to National Cinema to Mirjana Karanović and Miodrag Mišo Milošević and Screening of Film “Requiem for Mrs. J.”

On September 1, at Petrovaradin’s own Podgrađe, at the very opening of the Cinema City International Film Festival, Mirjana Karanović and Miodrag Mišo Milošević will be presented with the IBIS Award for their immense contribution to the national cinema.

Cinema City International Film Festival will be held as part of the Gradić Fest, and the films “Requiem for Mrs. J” and “Heartstone” will officially open the Festival Programme.

The Cinema City IBIS Award, authored by the sculptor and painter Nikola Pešić, is handed out to filmmakers for their outstanding contribution to the development of the national cinema and its promotion both at home and abroad.

This year's IBIS winner Mirjana Karanović was born in Belgrade, where she also graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. She has played a remarkable variety of roles in contemporary and classical plays included in the repertoire of the Yugoslav Drama Theater (Peer Gynt, The Patriots, The Birds, The Cabinet Minister’s Wife, The Powder Keg, L’Illusion Comique, Moliere, Eve of Retirement, The Drama about Mirjana and the People around Her, Phaedra's Love, Dragonslayers), the Zvezdara Theater (The Spawning of Carp, Market Day), the Belgrade Drama Theater, the Bitef Theater (Hinkemann, The Threepenny Opera, Ghosts), the Chamber Theater 55 in Sarajevo (Knives in Hens, Helver’s Night), and HNK Rijeka (A Streetcar Named Desire). She has received two Golden Arenas for Best Actress at the Pula Film Festival (for Petria's Wreath and When Father Was Away on Business), and two Grand Prix Awards in Niš (also for Petria's Wreath and When Father Was Away on Business). Karanović’ role in the film Grbavica earned her the Best Actress Award at the Brussels Film Festival, and nominations for the European Film Award for Best Actress and the FELIX Award. Since 1995, she has been teaching acting at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. She wrote the screenplay and directed the movie A Good Wife, which won awards for Best First Film at the festivals in Vilnius and Brussels, the Golden Arena Award for the best film in the Minority Co-Production category at Pula Film Festival, the FIPRESCI Prize at the Motovun Film Festival, Best Film Award at the international film festival in Ljubljana and Best Feature Film Award at the international film festival in Trieste.

The Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the National Cinema will be given to Miodrag Miša Milošević. Besides his notable filming and production work on several dozen films, Milošević helped launch the careers of many now-famous local filmmakers, who made their first steps in the film industry at the Academic Film Center, part of the Cultural Center “Studentski Grad” in Belgrade. He started his filming career at the Academic Cine Club in 1971. From 1976 to 2016, he led the Academic Cine Club (later renamed the Academic Film Center of the Cultural Center “Studentski Grad”) and its production, and developed its avant-garde film and video art repertoire. Since 1982, he has been framing the concept and planning the programme of the ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO, a festival devoted to experimental and avant-garde cinema. Together with Ivko Šešić, he founded and led the Alternative Film Archive, which contains a large number of alternative and experimental films of ex-Yugoslavia. He has also organized and programmed many retrospectives of the Serbian experimental film around the world. He has also run numerous multimedia workshops and film schools within the Academic Film Center, where he taught camera, film and digital technology.

After the Award Ceremony, two exceptional films will officially open the Cinema City International Festival: “Requiem for Mrs. J”, a film by Bojan Vuletić starring Mirjana Karanović in the lead role, and “Heartstone”, a directorial debut by the Icelandic filmmaker Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson.

The new, second film by Bojan Vuletić, “Requiem for Mrs. J”, is a narrative of a modest, middle-aged woman, former administrative officer, who is planning to commit suicide in exactly five days – on the anniversary of her husband's death. However, bureaucratic obstacles intervene and she fails in her intention. The film can be found on the French film site zavvi.

This tragicomic story about the challenges of a society in transition had its premiere screening at the Berlin Film Festival, as part of the “Panorama Special” repertoire. The audience of the 10th anniversary of the Cinema City Festival will have a chance to see this film within the National Class section.