06/09/2017 02:44

Gradić Marvelous Even After the Rain

Although it seemed that the second night of the Festival would have to be cancelled, all the events took place as scheduled, in Gradić, freshly invigorated by the rain. As was the case the previous evening, the people of Novi Sad once again reveled in spectacular music, theater and film programmes. The festival visitors had a chance to see twenty one cinematic achievements screened at four Cinema City venues.

The film “Our Fathers, Mothers and Their Children”, directed by Sanja Savić, opened the film programme at the only indoor venue – the Beogradska Indoor Cinema – a movie theater situated at the corner of Beogradska and Lisinski Street. After this movie, our visitors had a chance to see “Controindicazione”, a Tamara von Steiner film about a prison hospital for the mentally ill in Italy. Immediately afterwards, the long-awaited film by Luka Bursać “Afterparty”, depicting the instant hedonism and nightlife adventures of young people in Serbia, was screened. Hip-Hop buffs had a pleasure to see Angelique Germain's "Universal State of the Mind" which, spiced-up by some fantastic beats, led the audience through the international hip-hop music scene.

In the baroque atmosphere of Vladimir Nazor Street, on the left side of the Podgrađe from the direction of Beogradska Street, two brilliant films were screened at the Nazorova Open Air Cinema. The programme opened with “The Starry Sky Above Me”, a satirical comedy by the French director Ilan Klipper. This screening was followed by yet another great film “The Samurai in Autumn” by Danilo Bećković.

The Kapija Open Air Cinema, the largest festival venue situated behind the Belgrade Gate, hosted two fantastic comedies and an emotional drama about the legend of the music scene Nick Cave. The programme at the Kapija Open Air Cinema opened with “Two Lottery Tickets”, a comedy by the Romanian director Paul Negoescu, after which the audience had a pleasure to see Andrew Dominik’s film “One More Time With Feeling”, an poignant narrative about Nick Cave’s personal tragedy. After this hurtful yet heart-warming movie, the Israeli comedy “Holy Air” directed by Shady Srour had its reprise screening.

The creative minds working in the low-budget industries, whose shorts were selected to compete in the Up to 10 000 Bucks selection, had their moment of glory at the Rampin put Open Air Cinema, the outdoor venue located on the road leading from the Saint Juraj Church to the Fortress. On the second night of the Festival, the audience had an opportunity to see 15 short films.