13/06/2009 12:39

Full Movie Theatres at the Festival

Although it was assumed, based on the interest and the tickets being sold out several days in advance, the number of people present at yesterday’s projections in Katolička Porta has nonetheless exceeded all expectations. Namely, at the rerun projection of the animated film Technotise: Edit and I by Aleksa Gajić, every seat in the movie theatre was taken and a significant number of people saw the film standing. There was even a crowd on the left of the movie theatre, where a bunch of people were trying to see the unusual adventures of the protagonist Edit on the improvised “walls” of the theatre, taking part in laughter and applauses as much as the audience seated regularly in front of the movie screen.

Incredible energy and good mood continued through the second projection at this location. Namely, the film Here and There by Darko Lunglov, with its story filled with beautiful emotions and with an excellent crew, won the hearts of the visitors at the full movie theatre at Katolička Porta. After the film had finished, the audience greeted the director Lunglov, as well as the actor Branislav Trifunović.

There was a splendid atmosphere at the projections at the Serbian National Theatre as well, where the audience, with very positive ovations, greeted Goran Radovanović’s The Ambulance crew, and with a great satisfaction saw the film The Belgrade Phantom directed by Jovan B. Todorović at the midnight projection.

And the party went on at the parallel projections, too... A great number of young people decided to see the documentary about the French electro band Justice, which was shown at the open-air cinema in Miletićeva Street, while the stars of the evening at Dunavski Park were both projections equally, first the Buick Riviera by Goran Rusinović, and shown after that, an excellent animated piece of work by Mamor Oshi, The Sky Crawlers.

Pozorište mladih (Youth Theatre) justified its name, because, mostly thanks to the Up to 10.000 Bucks selection, which with its rate of visit almost outshined the last year’s success, this location became the central meeting point for a great number of young people, for authors, as well as the fans of original film ideas.

Because it was physically impossible for us to visit all the locations of the Festival, we talked with the operators and the people working at the Art Cinema Vojvodina at Spens, who kindly and with a great pleasure told us about the success and the visit rate at the projections at this location.

Saturday is ahead of us, the penultimate Cinema City Festival day, so don’t give up the intention to see as many movies as possible. The exceptional movie offer for tonight will meet you in that intention.

Therefore, see you in the city of cinema!