24/05/2013 04:28

Fresh Danube Films workshop at Cinema City festival

We hereby invite film students and young film professionals to apply for the workshop that is part of the Fresh Danube Films project. Future film-makers can apply by sending their CVs and motivational letters to [email protected] with a note “For Fresh Danube Films workshops”.

Twenty chosen students and young film professionals will have a chance to participate in Fresh Danube Films workshops and attend master classes held by accomplished film-makers. The chosen students will have an opportunity to exchange experiences, acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge, meet and socialize with guests of the Cinema City festival.

Students and young filmmakers chosen to participate in these workshops will be presented during a promotional web platform Fresh Danube Films, the goal of which is the networking of creative energies and promotion of young authors, film festivals and institutions from the countries belonging to the Danube region. The Fresh Danube Films project is a result of cooperation between Cinema City and its partners; Crossing Europe Film Festival from Linz (Austria), DORF from Vinkovci (Croatia) and Free Zone festival from Belgrade. The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

This year Cinema City will be held from August 26 to September 1. The festival will present quality film programme. Visitors will be able to enjoy the latest accomplishments of domestic cinema, select choice from international film festivals, some of the best films made by young authors, as well as review and music programme.