25/06/2014 07:23

Fourth Day @Cinema City

Our fourth day we will start at Arena Cineplex, Hall 5, at 15h, where we will screen the documentary “Alphabet”, which analyzes and condemns the negative traits of the education system. At 17:30h, following a successful last night’s screening you can see the repeat of Slobodan Skerlić’s “So Hot Was the Cannon”.

At 20h we will screen the long-awaited world premiere of Szabolcs Tolnai 's “Strange Forest”. The son of a Hungarian family from the north of Serbia escapes from a drug rehab center. His parents learn that he is in debt with a local mafia boss, which is probably why he escape and hid. The parents accuse each other for the fate of their child, and the father moves out from their apartment. In the next few days they will both try to find him, and each will face the harsh realities of today’s Serbia. The National Class selection will continue at 22:30h, when we will screen Milan Todorović’s “Nymph”. This fantasy tale with bits of horror thrown into it introduces us to two young American women who go on a vacation on the Mediterranean, and discover the water lair of a murderous siren hidden beneath the abandoned military fortress Mamula.

At Arena Cineplex, Hall 2, at 15:15h you can see the repeat screening of “Velvet Terrorists” from the Fresh Danube Films selection. If you didn’t get the chance to see “High Performance” last night, you can do so at 18h. Iulia Rugina’s “Love Building”, a fun and insightful story about a camp that tries to rehabilitate broken hearts, will screen at 20:15h.

Denis Côté’s fun and controversial “Vic + Flo Saw a Bear” will screen at 22:30h.

Tribute to Israeli Film selection, which presents some of the best accomplishments that the Israeli cinema has to offer, is set for 21h, at Arena Cineplex, Hall 1. Come and see “The Matchmaker”, a powerful coming-of-age drama, which will not leave you indifferent.

Two repeat screenings are planned for tonite at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina. At the cinema hall at 14h you can see “Cutie and the Boxer”, and “Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars” at 16h. The 18:30h time slot is reserved for Up to 10,000 Bucks selection and: “30 Minutes by Day”, “Don't Rush”, “Classmates”, “Goran” and “Requiem for a Night”. The 21h time slot is reserved for CC shorts selection, for which films were chosen by Petar Protić. At 23h you can see “Papaya Make Some Noise” about legendary DJs and parties at the Papaya club.

At 21:15h Amstel Open Air will screen “Coach Zoran and His African Tigers”, a marvelous story about football coach Zoran Đorđević, which delighted the audience at Beldocs film festival. At 23:15h you can see Wim Wenders' “Pina“, which will completely change your view of art and modern dance.

Nestea Open Air at the atrium of the Museum of Vojvodina will take us back to 1981, thanks to Branko Baletić’s “Plum Juice”. What makes this narrative so special is the music, which was also the focus of this year’s festival, and whose author is none other than our guest for this year, Zoran Simjanović, one of the greatest artists this region has ever seen. At 23h you can see “The Good Son”, an incredible story about a boy who grew up into a beautiful girl.

The gallery of the museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina is another place where you can see today’s selection of CC shorts, from 18h until midnight.

Enjoy the fourth day of the Cinema City festival.