10/06/2009 12:04

Fourth Day at Cinema City Festival

It was very exciting at Cinema City festival on Tuesday. There was a great number of visitors, the cues for buying tickets showed that Novi Sad is truly a city of high-quality film admirers.

Visitors of the festival showed special interest in films from the National Class selection. The crowded big hall of SNP during the projection of Marko Novakovic's film Someone is Still Waiting as well as the full open-air cinema during the projection of Srdjan Dragojevic's new film St. George Shoots the Dragon are just some of the images which marked in the best way the previous day of the festival.

Great number of young people and admirers of good sound were gathered by excellent musical films at open-air cinema, where beside visual recording, sounds of hit songs from the film about Depeche Mode and from the interesting film creation about Radiohead, left memorable traces around Dunavski Park. Visitors were singing along to well-known lyrics and sincere applause followed both films.

At third open-air cinema in Mileticeva Street, a great number of visitors watched compassionately, in excellent atmosphere, the serious stories and messages of the films Two-Legged Horse by Samira Makhmalbaf and A Blooming Business by Dutch director Ton van Zantvoort.

The great number of visitors of Pedja's Film Collection at Pozoriste Mladih shows that classic films are still in, and that the audience is eager to see high-quality comedies. It is also proven by the great number of visitors at second projection of the Argentinian comedy Lovely Loneliness, from New Latino selection, by Martín Carranza and Victoria Galardi, which again managed to make the audience laugh and capture their attention at Pozoriste Mladih, after its première at SNP. The film Jules and Jim by François Truffaut gathered a large number of French New Wave fans at Art Cinema Vojvodina in SPENS. After this came the film Godzilla vs. Mehagodzilla by which the visitors' profile changed, but not the number.

At the fourth day of the festival, each film also found their way to the audience, caught their attention, and in the best way marked and enriched the festival's Tuesday. The fifth day is ahead of us - it's time to conquer an explore the film programme, therefore start a new all day long film adventure!