17/06/2011 09:56

Focus: Austria at Cinema City festival

Selection Focus: Austria

This year, Cinema City created an additional programme space for promoting the young Austrian film authors. Through several themes selection, the audience will be introduced to the works of the new architects of film. Funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation, Focus: Austria, will screen young Austrian authors’ exceptional achievements, successfully presented at many international film festivals.

Benjamin Heisenberg’ thriller “The Robber” has recently been nominated for the Golden Bear at Berlinale and the Best Newcomer award at Bavaria Film International. The story is based on Martin Prinz’s novel follows spectacular criminal escapades of the notorious Pupmgun-Ronnie, a successful sprinter and even more successful serial bank robber.

Inside America” is Barbara Eder’s drama, which portrays six completely different high school students, living in a small Texas border town but who have a lot in common. They all dream of gardens, white picket fences and luxury rides, but every time they step out of the school, the reality hits them like a terminal disease.

"The Unintentional Kidnapping of Elfriede Ott" directed by Andreas Prochaska is a story about Horst, who tries to conceal the death of his grandma, in order to continue receiving her pension. He “borrows” an old lady from the hospital nearby, without noticing that he actually kidnapped the actress Elfriede Ott. This feature has received numerous awards at this year’s Austrian Film Awards.

Robert-Adrian Pejo’s thriller “The Camera Murderer” is a film adaptation of Thomas Glavinic’s novel of the same name. it is a perfectly balanced psychodrama, which uses horror elements from the novel into an emotional frame of the four heroes who start doubting that one of them is the perpetrator. Lead actress, Dorka Gryllus, will be guest at Cinema City 2011. The audience will have a chance to meet with her after the screening.

Focus: Austria selection is a result of cooperation between Cinema City festival and Austrian Development Cooperation. This is the second year in a row that Austrian Development Cooperation supports Cinema City festival. It is a part of the Strategic Partnership program, which supports the program for Economic Development of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Focus: Austria selection will be screened at Arena Cineplex, Hall 2. Entrance is free of charge.