11/06/2009 17:45

Films vs Rain

In spite of the storm, Cinema City festival's cinemas, last night, on Wednesday June 10th, worked without problems, and festival's visitors didn't give their plans up very easily. It was truly unbelievable to see people in Dunavski park as they were watching the film I Even Met Happy Gipsies by the great Aleksandar Petrovic, not paying much attention to stormy clouds. Willingness to see a good film in Novi Sad, has indeed been confirmed on many occasions.

However, let's start from the beginning. Highlights of the evening were definitely films from National Class selection. The tickets for premières of the films Autumn in my Street by Miloš Pušić and Someone is Still Waiting by Marko Novaković were sold out a long time before the projections, and that is why the most common question of the visitors was if there will be, and how many times, the rerun of these films. It's obvious that the nine festival days are not enough for lovers of film tape made with quality material!

Yesterday, besides the mentioned films, the film Heavy Metal in Baghdad attracted great attention of the audience, especially the younger one. Admirers of the music sound from the title, really wished to see how young people in Iraq at war times, manage to cherish their love for music and send the message to the world in their own way. Great number of them came and filled the cinema in Katolicka with positive energy as well. It should be mentioned that the big part of the open-air cinema in Katolicka porta is covered, that's why the visitors were able to watch the programme completely undisturbed, despite the rain.

Among others, the film Kabuli Kid, dynamic début film by director Barmak Akram, attracted lots of visitors. This drama with elements of a comedy, didn't leave anyone, not even for a minute, cold-hearted. Yesterday, the festival's visitors, through the projection at small hall of SNP, also met a teenager Stella, from the film of the same title, and saw Paris during the seventies from an original perspective of the director Sylvie Verheyde, while the later projection of the film Insignificant Things proved again that the selection New Latino Film is one of the favourite selections of our festival's audience.

Yesterday the film Ninotchka, the legendary comedy from the late 1939, also attracted great attention of the audience. The charm of the unforgettable Hollywood star Greta Garbo is magically everlasting! Big hall of Pozoriste Mladih was filled with sincere laughter from the audience delighted by the film. While we are talking about it, the number of visitors during projections in Pozoriste Mladih, has risen significantly compared to last year, so the audience in the last few days, before the documentaries about EKV, The Clash or Punk: Attitude, had to wait in line in front of the entrance door of the cinema hall, so that they would all somehow settle in and fill in even the improvised "seats" on the side.

We should also mention the film The Secrets of Kells, a magical animated saga with elements from Irish mythology, which by its story, music and animation gave a great thrill to the audience at the cinema hall in SPENS last night. In case you happened to miss this projection last night, don't worry, the right time and place to make up for that is tonight at 9.15 pm in Dunavski park.

The selection of films is big, the quality in this case can also measure up to the quantity, so take the programme and timetable because it's Thursday - the day for new film expeditions!

See you at cinema city!