01/06/2009 17:26

Films from the selection UP TO 10,000 BUCKS

At Cinema City Film and Media Festival, in selection Up to 10,000 Bucks, after successful ending of applications and selecting films by the supervision of main selector Dejan Zecevic, 34 films will be presented from different parts of the world.

Selection Up to 10,000 Bucks is created with the intention to show that making a good film does not require a big budget and enormous film crew, but creativity of the author and new technology can also lead to interesting and important creations. This selection is competitive and it will present films made with the budget under 10,000 dollars. The award for Best Film will be given in this selection. If the jury of Up to 10,000 Bucks selection finds it important, it has the right to give the competing films The Second Award and The Third Award in form of a certificate. Last year this selection attracted great attention of young film authors, but also of all lovers of original film expression.

Films will be projected in small hall of Youth Theatre (Pozorište Mladih), from 7th to 13th June, with projections beginning at 10.30 pm. In addition, here is the list of the 34 films of Up to 10,000 Bucks selection:

1.Low Tide, director: Jon Sanders, UK

2. PURIŠA, director: Milan D. Spicek, Serbia

3. 33. dan (33th Day), director: Andrej Boka, Serbia

4. Journey of a Red Fridge, director: Lucian and Natasa Muntean, Serbia

5. Dašak (Whiff), director: Vojin Vasovic, Serbia

6. Drvo, Kamen, Oblak (Wood, Stone, Cloud), director: Tamara Djukic, Serbia

7. Roya-ie-Sanjaghac, director: Atefeh Khademolreza, Iran

8. Živan Pujić Jimmy, director: Ognjen Glavonic, Serbia

9. O Pintor de Ceos, director: JORGE MORAIS VALLE, Spain

10. Krym, director: Christoph Heimer, Germany

11. Afrika, director: Gvozden Djuric, Serbia

12. Panonski samuraj (Pannonian Samurai), director: Svetozar Ljubojevic, Serbia

13. The Optician, director: Jane McGee, UK

14. Rastanak (Farewell), director: IRENA SKORIC, Croatia

15. The Gynaecologist, director: Alfonso Camarero, Spain

16. Tost (Toast), director: Ognjen Glavonic, Serbia

17. Trifun bombaš (Trifun the Bomber), director: Sladjan Stojanovic, Serbia

18. King Tales, director: Maria Juranic, USA

19. Pod nadzorom (Under Surveillance), director: Irena Skoric, Croatia

20.ID, director: Miroslav Jovic, Serbia

21. Photo Organo Genesis, director: Drago Latinovic, Nebojsa Milijasevic, Serbia

22. HE- Helijum, director: Giuseppe Schettino, Serbia

23. U prolazu (In the Passage), director: Kosta Djordjevic, Serbia

24. Red Rabbit, director: Egmont Mayer, Germany

25. The Sentiment in Between, director: Mihai Bauman, Romania

26. Dečak koji je bio suviše nevin (The Age of Virginity), director: Danilo Beckovic, Serbia

27. Schwitze, director: Nicolas Steiner, Germany

28. Iluzija (Illusion), director: Biljana Ilievska, Macedonia

29. Priča Koja se Loše Završava (A story which ends Badly), director: Laslo Antal, Serbia

30. Piš piš plovak, director: Nikola Dzafo, Serbia

31. Speed, director: Bojana Petkovic, Italy/Serbia

32.A Scene in the Snow, director: Vladimir Pavic, Serbia

33.Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, director: Vlada Milovanovic, Serbia

34. Wood through the Trees, director: Richard Böhringer, Germany