13/06/2009 12:35

Film Offer for the 8th Day of the Festival

On the eighth day of the festival, as part of the film programme, in big hall of Serbian National Theatre at 3.30 pm you can see the film Buick Riviera by Goran Rusinovic, as part of Balkan Box/SFF Highlights selection. In 2008, at film festival in Pula, the film Buick Riviera by director Rusinovic, won the award in category for Best Screenplay, which was written by the director himself and by the acknowledged Croatian literate Miljenko Jergovic. When participating at Sarajevo Film Festival in the same year, Buick Riviera won two awards in category for Best Actor (Slavko Stimac and Leon Lucev), as well as a prestigious award Heart of Sarajevo.

At 6 pm, as part of National Class selection, The Tour by Goran Markovic will be shown. The story takes place in 1993, the year of the worst fights in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade, wanting to earn easy money, sets off into unusual adventure throughout war zones in Serbian Republic and Republic of Serbian Krajina. The journey brings them brand new experiences, sometimes funny, sometimes painful and almost always shocking, but going through new situations, the group of artists acquires great knowledge about life, war and the area they hadn't known before.

At 8 pm will be the première of the film Wait for Me and I Will Not Come by Miroslav Momcilovic, a melodrama about an unusual love pentangle involving the five main characters. At 10 pm will be shown the film Courting Condi by Sebastian Doggart, which represents a unique type of a documentary, the first musical tragicomical documentary ever made. It reminds us of a "mixture" of films as Borat, Fahrenheit 9/11 and musical Mamma Mia. The story follows Devin Ratray, a web designer, musician, former actor (know to us as Buzz in Home Alone) and a huge admirer of former USA Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as he tries to meet the lady whom he worships.

In small hall of SNP, the programme for Saturday 13th June starts at noon with a children's film Race to Witch Mountain, at 4.30 pm will be the projection of an unusual drama Terribly Happy by Danish director Henrik Ruben Ganz. At 6.30 pm will be shown Aleksandar Petrovic's famous creation The Master and Margherite (1972) and at 8.30 pm will be the musical documentary The First Real Women Sound by Brankica Draskovic. The final projection in small hall of SNP is reserved for the horror film Zone of the Dead by Milan Konjevic and Milan Todorovic, which will be shown at 10.30 pm.

At open-air cinema at Katolicka Porta, beginning at 9.15 pm, the excellent animated film Afro Samurai 2 will be shown, the popular creation of well-known director of animated films, Fuminori Kizaki. The author of the comic book on which this film was based, is the famous Japanese illustrator, painter and designer Takashi Okozaki. He published Afrosamurai originally as a series in the well-known anime magazine NOUNOUHAU. Soon, Afrosamurai became more than just an ordinary comic book. After its film adaptation, directed by Kizaki, with the famous American actor Samuel L. Jackson who gave his voice to the protagonist, Afrosamurai series gained worldwide glory. Among others, music for the film was done by famous hip-hop performer RZA, member of hip-hop attraction Wu Tang Clan. At 11.15 pm will be the première of the film The Ambulance by Goran Radovanovic, as part of National Class selection. This is a Serbian-Greek-German co-production which covers some of the most important events in the recent Serbian history, from 5th October when Đindjić was killed until today.

At open-air cinema at Dunavski Park, on Saturday 13th June, beginning at 9.15 pm, will be shown the animated film Technotise: Edit & I by Aleksa Gajic which entirely captured the attention of visitors of Cinema City festival. At 11.15 pm will be the projection of the film The Belgrade Phantom by Jovan B. Todorovic. The film tells a story about Vlada Vasiljević, a citizen of Belgrade, who stole a white Porsche ‘911 Targa’ and then proceeded to taunt the police by driving at breakneck speed around Slavia and to entertain the people who turned up in great numbers to watch the show. The speed chases of the ‘Phantom’ in 1979, together with his arrest, became one of the legends in Belgrade.

At third open-air cinema in Mileticeva Street, at 9.15 pm will be the projection of Planet Rock selection's film EKV - As it Once Was by Dusan Vesic. EKV - As it Once Was re-examines the whole period, its social constitution and the system, sketching difficult characteristics and mentality of people. The documentary deals with the problem and raises the question of addiction, through re-examining the influence of the regime, it shows us intimate confessions of friends and co-workers of the band, who were with them in their most difficult times, with various, often heartbreaking, audio-visual records. You don’t need to be a fan of this band’s sound to feel the sincere emotion of the film, the love, the respect, and the condolence in grief caused by the loss of four young, and above all, extremely talented members of the EKV band. At 11.15 pm will be shown the film Depeche Mode 101, a film about the famous band and their famous performance at Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena in 1989.

In big hall of Pozoriste Mladih, beginning at 8 pm, the legendary comedy Being There (1979) will be shown, as part of Pedja's Film Collection selection. At 10 pm will be shown the film The Bogeyman by Turkish director Atalay Taşdiken, a nicely produced drama in which the author shows the fears and hopes of his main heroes.

At the same location, in small hall, beginning at 6.30 pm, the animated film Idiots and Angels by Bill Plympton will be shown and at 10.30 pm will be the projection of Roskilde, a documentary about one of the biggest music festivals. At 10.30 pm begins the projection of films of Up to 10,000 Buck selection, in this order: A Scene in the Snow, -HE - Helium, Purisa.

At Art Cinema Vojvodina in SPENS will be two reruns. At 8 pm will be shown the film Fraulein by Andrea Stake, as part of Balkan Box/SFF Highlights selection which presents the best films of the region. At 10 pm will be the projection of an excellent documentary about the band Radiohead, called Radiohead: Meeting People Is Easy.

Enjoy the film programme of Cinema City festival for Saturday 13th June!