19/06/2012 10:39

Film euphoria on the fourth day of Cinema City

The first three days of Cinema City International Film Festival were marked by positive atmosphere and great attendance at all locations of the Festival, especially repertoires presented at open-air cinema Katolička porta and Serbian National Theatre – the main location of the Festival. Under the clear skies, the film about the unique Marina Abramović, which is among the favorites of the Festival, raised the beauty and phenomenon of art to perfection. Great attendance at screenings of “Skylab” directed by Julie Delpy and Japanese dramedy “Scabbard Samurai” proved how much the audience loves comedy genre, while domestic films continue to be the focus of attention – fully packed halls, applauses and standing ovations are the best proof of that. Special attention was given to the new competition selection Educons Hungry Days. The films from this programme, such as “It’s the Earth Not the Moon” opened new perspectives and set new standards of contemporary film reality, which have met with great reception from the audience!

The fourth day of Cinema City presents:

At the main Festival location, Serbian National Theatre, at 17:30h you will have a chance to see the latest film signed by Zdravko Šotra, “Professor Kosta Vujić’s Hat”. Based on the homonymous cult novel written by Milovan Vitezović, it is a story of an extraordinary professor Kosta Vujić, a good-natured eccentric and hedonist, a pedagogue of a special kind, whom his pupil, Mihajlo Petrović – Mika Alas described as the most original professor of the 19th century. At 20:00h you can see Miroslav Terzić’s thriller “Redemption Street“, starring Gordan Kičić, Uliks Fehmiju and Rade Šerbedžija. The film follows a young and persevering public prosecutor who discovers carefully kept secrets and conspiracies, which will lead him into mortal peril. At 22:30h use this last opportunity to see “Stockholm East”, and exceptional Scandinavian drama.

Katolička porta

On the fourth day of the Festival, if you are in a mood to spend an evening in the sign of MTV presents Burn Planet Rock review selection, visit Katolička porta and at 21:15h see a documentary about one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all times – “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”. The film shows the band at a moment when they are facing great personal and professional challenges while shooting their first studio album after a five-year hiatus. At 23:15h you can see Dragana Kanjevac’s “Sonja“ – a documentary inspired by the legendary actress and artist Sonja Savić.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1

The programme at this location starts at 16:00 with “Good Night, Missy” a multiple winner at Pula Film Festival, directed by Slovenian director and screenwriter Metod Povec. The film portrays the story of lies, lack of trust and jealousy, resulting in dissolution of a marriage. At 18:00h do not miss the reprised screening of Ye Lou’s latest feature “Love and Bruises”. Very successful at film festivals in Venice, Toronto and Göteborg, it is a story of love and passion which build but also bring down cultural barriers. At 20:00h you can see Vladimir Milovanović’s “The Face of a Revolution”, a story of one of the leaders of protests against Milošević’s regime in Serbia during 1998-2000, for which he was awarded with “Free Your Mind” MTV award in 2000. For the rest of the evening we will stay in the nineties and documentary expression, and at 22:30h meet the Canadian actor Rob Stewart, whose character Nick Slaughter from TV series “Tropical Heat” became so popular in Serbia during the nineties, the fact that took the actor completely by surprise. Rob Stewart later came and made a documentary “Slaughter Nick for President” in which he studies the reasons why his character was regarded as symbol of freedom during the peaceful protests in Serbia under the regime of Slobodan Milošević.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4

On the fourth day of the Festival, Hall 4 will be reserved for stories of friendship, love and passion. At 18:00 you can see yet another accomplishment of an extraordinary artist Andreas Dresen, “Grill Point”. This multiple winner tells a story of two friendly couples, and how turbulent human relationships can be and how easy one’s routine can be broken. This master piece is followed at 20:00h with a romcom from the heart of Paris. Emmanuel Mouret’s “The Art of Love” reminds us that the most beautiful of emotions happens when we least expect it. At 23:00h stay and watch “Passion”, and exceptional adaptation of Cain’s novel “The Postman Always Rings Twice”.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

Today, visit the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad for a mixture of review and competition programme. At 17:00h us Katia Lewkowicz’s debut film “Bachelor Days Are Over”, which already won over the audience at its premiere on Saturday. From 19:00h you can see 5 interesting low-budget films (Camp, Invalidus, I’m a Self-Made Woman, One Way Street and Warm Summer Evening) from up to 10,000 bucks selection, which will once again confirm the extremely strong competition. At 21:00h stay and watch mysterious and poetic motion pictures of Persona Beach, from Hungry Days competition selection. At 23:00h watch Davide Manuli’s first feature film “Beket”. Director Manuli, who is also a guest of the Festival, takes us to through a surreal adventure together with Freak and Jajà, who discover the “mystery” of life through chance encounter in a place without time, a place without people.

Youth Theatre and creative education:

The audience attending Cinema Now Live Academy will find out, on the example of the low-budget, highly successful award-winning French film “Donoma” how one can make a film without money. Petar Protić, one of the selectors of the Festival will speak, in his own specific way, of black humor and reality in Serbian film, while the renowned artist and composer Boris Kovač will speak of the importance of music in the film-making process, by presenting examples from the filmographies of Lars von Trier, and Oleg Novković.

N-joy the fourth day of the Festival!

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