14/06/2009 09:38

Festival's Fever of the Eight Day of Cinema City

Yesterday, June 13th, Novi Sad fully justified the status of the city of cinema. The majority of people from Novi Sad decided to spend Saturday evening, the day before the last day of festival, at cinema halls, which were filled with great energy up to the very last spot.

Unbelievable sight could be seen at one of the most attractive open-air cinemas, cinema in Dunavski Park, during the second rerun projection of the animated film Technotise: Edit and I by Aleksa Gajić. There were viewers who were watching the film for the first time, but it is an interesting fact that many visitors came to see the film every other time it was projected even after the opening! Applauses, laughter, and positive comments during and after the projection of this film, were excellent overture for the atmosphere at the projection of The Belgrade Phantom, which followed at 11.15 pm. Screeching sound of the famous "White Porsche" from the film screen, unforgettable adventures of the legendary "Fandjo", which marked Belgrade in 1979, and the ovations from the audience to the film reality by Jovana B. Todorović, made the atmosphere to remember!

Magic of the cinema dominated the city last night, so after the première of the film Wait for Me and I Will Not Come by Miroslav Momčilović, a brilliant melodrama about an unusual love pentangle, the audience with the smile on their face and bursting with positive "film" energy embarked upon film adventures, which were almost endless last night...

Mileticeva Street, with notably visited films from Planet Rock selection, documentary about a famous local band EKV, and the film about unbelievable tour of the band Depeche Mode in 1989, was a great introduction to the "musical ending" of the eight day of Cinema City, at Petrovaradin's Fortress, called Deathmatch. At the big party on the closing of the festival, performers were DJ organisations Happynovisad and Baseline, with the special guests the band E-play and the music project which was made for the film Technotise: Edit and I, Prototip, new rave wizards from Novi Sad The Good Guys and Falony Flats from Belgrade. Fireworks, positive emotions and unbelievable musical energy marked the big party at Petrovaradin's Fortress.

But, that's not all...

We still have the last, ninth festival day - the right time to see the films you still haven't seen, and to attend the award ceremony of Film and Media Festival Cinema City, at 8 pm in Serbian National Theatre!