16/05/2010 13:46

Exit Point presents “Winter’s Bone”

An exciting creation “Winter’s Bone” describes in the best possible way archetypical transition from childhood to adulthood and this time the lead hero is a young girl. Overcoming seemingly impenetrable obstacles, she redefines deeply rooted attitudes towards family and loyalty and discovers her own basin of strength. Debra Granik’s directing colorfully depicts this family drama while astoundingly convincing acting and remarkable visual details manage to describe the texture and rhythm of the world where myth is constantly intermingling with nature. The film was well received at festivals such as Sundance and Berlinale.

Deep in Ozrak mountains of central USA families live according to code of conduct no one dares defy – until a fearless teenage girl is faced with a situation where choice is no longer an option. Young Ree Dolly’s father pawned the family house for bail and disappeared. The girl, trying to protect her younger siblings and sick mother is faced with a choice: either she will succeed in finding their father or they will lose the roof over their heads. In her heroic quest, Ree crosses that whole destitute scenery, in order to confront her relatives, break their silent collusion, and bring her father home.