15/05/2010 10:28

Exit Point presents "Whiskey With Vodka"

A melancholy comedy “Whiskey With Vodka” is famous German director Andreas Dresen’s new accomplishment. Film scenario was written by Wolfgang Kohlhaase, confirming yet another successful cooperation with Dresen, after multiple winner Summer in Berlin.

“Whiskey With Vodka” is a portrayal of a famous and much admired actor who loses himself in alcohol and mounted arrogance. Aware of his career’s ending, famous actor Otto still refuses to step down from his pedestal. Although showered with attention by his coworkers and media, he doesn’t stop feeling lonely. Things deteriorate when, after secret intoxication, he ruins a day of shooting on a set of new film. Producers are forced to find an understudy who will replace Otto if needed. That is a golden opportunity for theatrical actor Arno, hungry for prestige and glory. The question remains whether he’ll be able to use that chance and how will spoiled old star react to it. Comic situations arise from the plot which includes swap motif but primarily thanks to director’s ability to present authentic interpersonal relations in an amusing and original way.

“Whiskey With Vodka” received several nominations, and Best Director award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. With subtle sensibility, through light, laconic humor, film speaks of loneliness and aging, real possibilities and dreams, big lies and small lies…