17/05/2010 12:52

Exit Point presents Israeli comedy “A Matter of Size”

Four overweight friends from Israeli town of Ramla are tired of diets and strict dietary regimen club they’re members of. Lead hero, Herzl, weighing 155kg (330 pounds) is a chef who lost his job and who starts working as a dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant in Ramla.

Thanks to his new environment, he familiarizes himself for the first time with the culture of sumo wrestling, discovering to his amazement and satisfaction, a world where morbidly obese people are held in high regard. Kitano, owner of said restaurant who fled Japan on account of unfinished business with Jakuza, starts educating Herzl on sumo wrestling and gradually Herzl falls in love with the sport. He wants Kitano to be their sumo coach since he already had some experience in Japan. Four best and fattest friends will have to give their best in order for Kitano to take the reigns as their coach.

A Matter of Size” in original and funny manner speaks of accepting one’s own values. Israeli cinematography is not known for its comedies but things changed after this film. “A Matter of Size” won nine awards and altogether ten nominations at festivals across the globe.