29/04/2009 12:02

Exit and Sarajevo Film Festival

Two significant organisations in this part of Europe, Exit and Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), will start official co-operation this year. It will include film and music domain, organisation of cultural and entertaining events, as well as mutual support, exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

This year the two film festivals are presenting programmes, which were created in co-operation, and newly discovered films, which our audience will have chance to see for the first time on big screen. Furthermore, great experience of Sarajevo Film Festival organisers presents significant encouragement and support to Cinema City film festival, which set high standards in the first year and it has every intention to take strong position in film art and film industry.

Cinema City festival, from 6th to 14th June, will present Sarajevo the Film City, the selection of films which were made in Sarajevo Film Festival production and had their première at last year's Sarajevo festival. SFF will also present the selection of best regional creations Balkan Box - SFF Highlights. Those were successfully promoted and awarded films at Sarajevo festival. Exit will be in charge of organising a big party for the closing of the festival, on 20th August in Sarajevo.

Linking, exchanging ideas and experiences give a chance to both organisations for strong positioning on European and world scene of cultural and entertaining events. What is more, apart from promoting each other with domestic audience, it is a chance to draw attention of media and audience from around the world.