16/06/2011 03:41

European premiere of “He” at Karlovy Vary

Special Screening

Sasa Matijevic’s “He” which will have its world premiere at Cinema City 2011, was included in the programme of the 46th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, held from July 1 – July 9, 2011. “He” will screen within Forum of Independents competition selection on July 4 and 5. It will also be this film’s European premiere, just after it premiered for the very first time at Cinema City festival, on June 20, at Arena Cineplex, beginning at 20h.

“He” is a story of a thirty year old TV reporter who goes through a rough period: going on an assignment, he starts getting vivid memories of recent past. After a chance encounter with a somewhat peculiar man he starts discovering things invisible and unobtainable to a common man. Soon he reaches an epiphany preventing him from living the life as a one-way street with no way out. Finding himself on the crossroads, he starts taking reins of his own life and dreams, but not without difficulty.

“He” is Sasa Matijevic’s debut feature. For the past ten years he produced documentaries, TV shows and reported news from Europe, America, North Africa and Asia. “He” was coproduced by MS Visuals from Amsterdam and Playground production house from Novi Sad.