03/06/2008 03:28

Estrellita – Pesem za domov in Balkan Buster Selection

Slovenia, 2007, 97 min
: Metod Pevec
Cast: Silva Čušin, Marko Kovačevik, Senad Bašić, Mediha Musliović, Karin Komljanec, Tadej Troha, Ana Temeljotov
Awards: Dialog Award, Cottobus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema, 2007, Best Actress (Silva Čušin), Slovene Film Festival, 2007.
Selection: Balkan Buster

An awarded movie called Estrellita, directed by Metod Pevec, is coming to us from Slovenia. The movie shows the life of a pianist Dora Fabiani after the death of her husband, a renowned violinist. Dora discovers that her husband led a double life – he had a lover. Disappointed Dora manages to get over the emotional crisis thanks to a little boy of a modest origin, Amir. The boy is an extremely talented violinist, but musically uneducated.

Dora decides to help him. His parents cannot afford the instrument, so Dora gives him a violin made by famous Fabiani. The plot develops when her son, Julian, starts demanding his own right to the violin. Julian does it because of the profit, knowing the value of the instrument. He decides to make the following step: he goes to a visit to Amir’s poor family that came from Bosnia, stubbornly demanding for his rights. However, the situation gets completely different when Julian meets Amir’s beautiful mother…

Metod Pevec was born in 1958 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Apart from being a director, he is also a successful screenplay writer and an actor. We are going to have a chance to see him as an actor in Cinema City Festival in a classic by Zivojina Pavlovic from 1983, called Zadah tela.