08/06/2010 11:44

Emir Kusturica greeted the audience of Cinema City Festival

The projection of Christian Carion’s “Farewell” staring our renowned director, Emir Kusturica, was held last night at Katolicka porta open-air cinema at 21:15h. The stands were packed to the last seat, and after the screening we interviewed some of the audience on their impressions of the film, with all of them giving highly positive comments. Although Kusturica couldn’t attend the screening due to his previous arrangement with the band No Smoking Orchestra, he sent a message to the audience:

“I am truly sorry for not being able to be with you tonight. I am currently in Portugal, on a previously scheduled concert tour with No Smoking Orchestra band. I send my greetings to Novi Sad, Cinema City Festival and especially the audience. I wish you to enjoy the film in which I performed from the heart. Sincerely yours, Emir Kusturica.”

Kusturica’s message, conveyed by Dubravka Lakic, Exit Point programme selector, was greeted with unfeigned applause and positive ovations from the audience of Cinema City Festival.