08/06/2016 14:34

Don’t Miss Legendary Rambo on the Closing Night of Cinema City Festival

Fusion of Genres and Reflective Texts Accompanied by Well-Known Charisma of the Legendary Rambo to Close the Ninth Cinema City Festival on July 2

The Ninth Cinema City International Film Festival, taking place from June 25 to July 2 in Limanski Park and Chinatown in Novi Sad, in addition to the extraordinary selection of film debuts, has prepared a special treat for the audience: a music performance of one of the most important artists and musicians in the region – Rambo Amadeus. The fusion of genres and reflective texts, accompanied by the well-known charisma of the legendary Rambo will close the Ninth Cinema City Festival on July 2.

The Cinema City Film Festival will, for the ninth time, be held from June 25 to July 2 this year, at a unique location in Novi Sad, the Creative Quarter comprising Limanski Park and Chinatown.

As always, we will present our audience with an unconventional selection of movies, which are rarely included in the standard cinema repertoires. The two pillars of the Cinema City program are promotion of the first and follow-up film projects and young talents from the world of cinema, and our excellent music program featuring the most renowned names from the region – which is bringing us this year the fantastic Jinx, who will perform at the festival opening on June 25.

Rambo Amadeus, one of the finest artists and musicians in the region, is the author of more than ten solo and collaborative albums. As the enfant terrible of the Yugoslav rock scene, he has forever expanded the boundaries of rock expression. His latest album Vrh Dna, a satirical narrative about the fate of a common man carried by the whirlwinds of life, proves that Rambo Amadeus remains one of the few veterans of the ex-Yugoslav scene whose critical eye hasn’t yet lost its sharpness.

Rambo’s always carefully planned concert is scheduled for Saturday, July 2, supported by the zavvi, and will be held in Chinatown. The new tunes, mixed with the good old hits we all love, and spiced up with humor, improvisations and Rambo’s well-known sharp sense of satire, promise the audience an unforgettable concert.

Besides the performances of Jinx and Rambo Amadeus, we are bringing you an outstanding film program, which will be screened during the eight days of the festival. The National Class film selection will deliver a new wave of Serbian cinematography, Fresh Danube Films will present the debut and follow-up arthouse films from the Danube region, while the section Up to 10,000 Bucks will once again be the synonym for the finest low-budget movies from all over the world. The program of the 360° section will present a panoramic recap of debut festival hits, and the Planet Rock program will bring the film-musical testimonies of those artists who changed the world.

The Ninth Cinema City will be held in Chinatown and Limanski park in Novi Sad. The new venues of the last year’s festival edition have found their way to win the hearts of the Cinema City audience and organizers, and so this year, the festival visitors will have an opportunity to discover some more new, secluded parts of Chinatown!

See you at #CinemaCity2016!