13/06/2009 12:26

Don't fail to attend the festival's Academic Programme

Yesterday, on Friday 12th June, guests of Cinema City's Academic Programme were Ivana Kronja, Ivan Aranđelović, Dimitrije Vojinov and Milica Lapčević. The discussion was about the position of cinematography in other media - regarding the topic of Jugoslav Pantelić, the moderator of the academic programme.

Through very original and dynamic conversation of experts about the status of film in a disordered value system of today's media, it was determined that there is an urgent need for a large media space which should be reserved for culture, art, film, professional journalist critique, print, as well as for television and radio broadcast.

Today at 3 pm at the festival's press centre, academic programme will present two topics: "ALEKSANDAR SAŠA PETROVIĆ – DOCUMENTARY TRUTH OF LIFE" and "50 YEARS OF THE 400 BLOWS" (François Truffaut - Alter ego of the New Wave). The participants of both discussions are: Nevena Daković, Srđan Vučinić, Saša Radojević, Ivan Velisavljević, Miroljub Stojanović, Ivan Aranđelović.

Don't miss the opportunity to find out interesting things about the phenomenon of film art through creative discussions of film experts!