25/04/2008 02:50

DIVIZIONZ in International Selection

Uganda, South Africa, 2007, 91 min
Director: Yes! That’s Us
Cast: Wine, Mark Bugembe, Catherine Nakynazi, Olem Bonny
Selection: competition, international – Exit Point

Within the main competition selection – EXIT POINT – a movie from Uganda, South Africa, called Divizionz, is going to be shown. The movie was made in 2007, and it participated on Berlin Festival in Forum Selection.

The story follows four young people from a poor suburb of Kampala. They share a common dream – a successful way to the music scene and wealth. However, it turns out that the way is much more complicated then they thought, and it becomes a kind of test of the friendship of these young people.

Made in short time, with unusual camera positions, sometimes using the technique of splitting the screen into segments while showing some scenes, the movie exceeds the form and presents an attractive content: skillfully documented moments of daily lives of the young from the Kampala suburb. The movie is enriched by a strong music background made of hip-hop and rep sounds in an expected ghetto manner.

Apart from juvenile unseriousness, the chaotic four are followed by constant troubles and fights, both with parents and police, as well as with their peers.

Moreover, by growing up next to each other, these young people meet the dark side of friendship – the weight of mutual rivalry, betrayal, and mistrust.