10/06/2016 08:02

Dive in Music-Themed Films in Planet Rock Section

Film Testimonies of Musicians, Artists and Cultural Movements That Reshaped the World

The popular festival section Planet Rock, whose exceptional selection of music-themed films has, year after year, aroused great interest of the audience, brings to this year's Cinema City Festival, which is to take place from June 25 to July 2 in Chinatown and Limanski Park, cinematic favorites screened at festivals around the world, the multiply awarded films and testimonies of both international and local music legends.

The beloved film about the legendary musician Janis: Little Girl Blue, by the American director Amy Berg, reveals the “Janice you’ve never seen before: eloquent, ambitious, torn between her rebellious self and her desperate need for stability.” We will also present the film Paco de Lucia: A Journey, an intimate and exciting glimpse at the life of this legendary flamenco guitarist, directed by his son, Francisco Sanchez Varela. Make sure to see the film that won the hearts of audiences at festivals all over the world – Sonita, a film by the Iranian director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, awarded at the famous Sundance Festival.

Cinema City presents the Grand Prix winner at this year's BELDOCS Festival, the superb cinematic achievement The Other Line, by Nenad Milošević. The Other Line is a narrative of the Novi Sad Neo-Avant-garde scene of the 1970s, part of the international art movement, which was shattered by a brutal intervention of the state apparatus. As part of the Planet Rock section, the audience will also have an opportunity to see the film Lemon Tree, by Branko Radaković, a documentary about the first band of one of the most influential rock authors in the region, Milan Mladenović. Don’t miss out this unique opportunity to hear for the first time the authentic recordings of songs by Limunovo drvo (Eng. Lemon Tree), which had long been kept away from the public ear, and see prominent figures from the world of rock music and art deconstructing this band’s iconic status.

Also make sure to check out the exciting story Nothing in Our Way, directed by a local author, Nemanja Đerić, and co-produced by Red Bull and MTV Adria. Nothing in Our Way is a testimony about the making of the Belgrade, Zagreb and Tuzla wings of the regional Hip-Hop culture, as seen from the perspective of the pioneers and leading figures in this genre. Then, join Pero Francuz, a guy from the small Croatian town Jelsa and an ex-photo model in Paris, who will take you on a tour round the most famous discotheques in Zagreb and their lesser known predecessors in Split, Rijeka and on Hvar, only to end up revisiting the very first discotheque in the world – and all through the documentary feature Half a Century of Disco, by a Croatian director, Zvonimir Rumboldt. The German documentary B-movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin, authored by Jörg A. Hoppe, Klaus Maeck and Heiko Lange, and awarded at the Berlin Film Festival, brings an exciting fast-paced collage story about music, art and chaos of the Wild West Berlin of the 1980s, which fascinated both ingenious dilettantes and international celebrities.

Make sure to check out the excellent film program in Planet Rock section!