23/06/2014 07:56

Day two @ Cinema City!

If you have missed to see The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq, we propose you begin this second day of the festival by catching up. Guillaume Nicloux’s film will have its repeat screening at Arena Cineplex, Hall 5, at 15h. At the same location at 17:30h you can see Alphabet, a German documentary that most effectively presents the problems of the education system and warns of possible consequences.

At 20h you can see The Undertaker. This exceptional documentary is directed by Dragan Nikolić, and is screened as part of the National Class selection. After the screening you’ll get to greet the crew of the film. At 22h stay for The Dance of Reality, a magical combination of biography, drama, and fantasy that is characteristic of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s magnificent poetics.

Hall 2 of Arena Cineplex will have its first screening at 15:15h, with the repeat screening of Life Almost Wanderful, directed by Draganov, Bulgarian award-winning documentary filmmaker. At 18h you can see a marvelous music documentary dedicated to the cult band LCD Soundsystem, titled LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up and Play the Hits, which shows what the band’s last phenomenal concert at Madison Square Garden looked like. The film was directed by Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, who are also known for directing music videos for music greats such as Blur, Franz Ferdinand, etc.

At that same location, at 21:15h stay and see Miracle from the Fresh Danube Films selection. This award-winning film speaks of a fifteen year old girl who yearns but is not allowed to love. Despite prohibitions she decides to live her life, which will lead to some unexpected twists.

Free Entry oozes with energy while it shows what teenage life looks like and introduces us to two teenage girls at the moment when they’re risking their first independence steps. They dive head first into freedom, adventure, wild ride, good party and fantastic music at the famous Sziget Festival. The film starts at 22:45h, at Arena Cineplex, Hall 2.

The world of modern Israeli cinema will open tonight with Things Behind the Sun, which is a powerful and complex family saga. This film is scheduled for 21h at Arena Cineplex, Hall 1.

The repertoire at the cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina is set to start at 14h, with the repeat screening of Every Everything: the music, life & times of Grant Hart, about the frontman of cult bands Hüsker Dü and Nova Mob, which is screened as part of the Planet Rock selection. Sports lovers will enjoy We Were Wold Champions, a documentary about Ivica Vidanović, about the golden age of Yugoslav basketball. This film will screen at 16h, after which, from 18h, you can stay for the second batch of Up to 10,000 Bucks films: My Grandpa's Garden, The Night Is Too Short, Tambourine Buttocks, Our Skin Is Going To Gray, Belgrade - Life or Death. At 21h you can see another batch of CC shorts, and at 23h we present another short film, but this time from the Planet Rock selection, Music is a Universal Language. At 23:30h we will screen Reconstructions. This documentary was directed by Dean Radovanović, last year’s winner of the Up to 10,000 bucks selection who is, as is tradition, part of this selection’s jury for this year.

At Amstel Open Air, at 21:15h is Ping Pong Summer, directed by Michael Tully. The film stars fantastic Susan Sarandon. At 23:15h prepare for the legendary hits of Peter Gabriel in Peter Gabriel: Back To Front.

Nestea Open Air will begin its programme at 21h with the film and director that need no introduction: Emir Kusturica’s When Father Was Away on Business. At midnight you can see Twenty Feet from the Stardom, which offers a different view of fame, presented by backup singers, whose voices are known to millions but whose names are never remembered. Even after including intimate interviews with legendary Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Mick Jagger and Sting, this film remains focused on life stories of numerous backup singers.

At the gallery of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina from 18h you can enjoy an excellent choice of short films: La isla de los Muertos, Miniature Melbourne, Tiny Bird, Thing, Saturn Tage, and The Last Train.

Enjoy Cinema City Monday!