22/06/2011 09:40

Day 5 - Premieres

On the 5th day of the Festival you can see two shocking documentaries. “Abu Jamil Street” starts at 18h, hall 2 of Arena Cineplex. It is a story of four Palestinian men who dig tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza Strip separation barrier. The fear of police, tunnels collapsing, bombings and dust inhaling are all there, like constant companions, but they have nothing over their spirit and sense of humor.

After this film comes a controversial “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”. Have you ever heard of the cruelty behind Afghan custom called bacha bazi – boy’s dance? Highly illegal, this form of pederasty exploits street orphans sold by their parents to their “new masters”. Being promised a better life, unaware of their destiny, these young boys, usually less than 10 years old, flee from the streets. In their new homes they are dressed in female clothes and honed in skills in dancing and singing, in order to “entertain” male audience – their “masters” and their friends. 

At the same location, beginning at 20h, you can see „The Show Must Go On”, an original feature by the Croatian director Nevi Marasovic. To what extremes can you go when creating a reality show? This drama with elements of SF and thriller, won award for the best debut feature, a Golden Arena for the best special effects and best scenario. After the screening the visitors will have a chance to greet this young director, guest of Cinema City 2011.

20:30h, hall 5, Arena Cineplex: „Black and White”, one from the international Exit Point selection. This Turkish film speaks of ageing, friendship, sensibility and delicate details of life.

A chance to meet young French director and actress, Marina Deak, you will have today at 13h within CineYouth programme, where she will participate together with Vladimir Perisic, Stefan Ivancic and Dane Komljen. Her feature fiolm “Pursuit” you can see at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, starting at 21h. her directorial debut is an honest portrayal of the modern woman who undertakes drastic measures after the emotional turmoil of her past, in order to feel alive again and regain control of her own life.

At 21:15, Katolicka porta, you can see the premiere of Jan Schomburg’s „Above Us Only Sky”. Can we miss someone so much that we start recognizing them in another person? Can longing for the love that is no more, create a new one? These are some of the questions that Schomburg throws at us in his awarded debut feature.

Find out more about Roberto Saviano in his daily life and struggles - treated as a hero by a young Italian generation and as a traitor by the Camorra in a controversial documentary "Roberto Saviano: In the Shadow of Death".