24/08/2017 08:53

Dane Komljen’s Debut “All the Cities of the North” in the National Class Section

At the end of last summer, the debut feature by Dane Komljen “All the Cities of the North” had its premiere at the Locarno Festival. Shortly thereafter, it was also screened at Sarajevo Film Festival, reaffirming the potential this author foreshadowed in his earlier short films.

This year, you will have a chance to see this movie at the tenth anniversary edition of the International Film Festival as part of the National Class selection.

This is a story of humanity, empathy, the healing power of conversation, and love that does not need any labels.

The film “All the Cities of the North” was filmed in an abandoned hotel complex, located next to the newly established state borders, “the remains of what once used to be the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”. At the edge of space and time, the deserted complex is a remarkable utopian representation of a relationship Replica Watches UK between two men who are neither father and son, nor lovers or friends, whose everyday habits in this solitary space turn upside down when a new person arrives.